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PRODUCT DESIGN IDEA > Skull Accessories // The birth of skullself (三)

PRODUCT DESIGN IDEA > Skull Accessories // The birth of skullself (三) - IFAUN
The birth of skullself
We need a skull totem in the new era
Rebellious, individualistic and maverick
The skull may come from a man or a subhuman alien
Any uncertain element represents more prospective mysticism
More functions
More modern, cooler, more suitable for millennials
More stereoscopic, not limited to two dimensions, more dynamic and intelligent
It represents wisdom and the nature of soul
More emotional, more attitudinal
Fine black matting case, which is decorated with gold foil skullself skull, made by Chinese millennium gold foil craft, shows the luxury trend perfectly.
Fine black matting case, decorated with silver-foil skullself skull, is cool and rebellious.
Using the skull as a fashion factor is not as easy as drawing a pattern. A good skull accessory is a combination of four important elements——totem, modernism, art and fashion. Through the combination the darkness of the skull pattern will be replaced by the feeling of sunlight, energy and art. Young people’s arrogance and rebel are integrated into the skull, making the skull symbol of the flashy life. Therefore, skull, as an indispensable part of fashion, has religious significance, which allow you to see through time, life and death and the vanity of world.

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