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PRODUCT DESIGN IDEA > Skull Accessories / Epitomes of Skull Fashion (二)

PRODUCT DESIGN IDEA > Skull Accessories / Epitomes of Skull Fashion (二) - IFAUN

Epitomes of Skull Fashion

Malcolm McLaren and his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood launched a series of punk clothes inspired by skull and they became popular among young people, making skull the iconic symbol of counterculture in London.

Thank to another English fashion designer Alexander McQueen, skull actually became Fashion Icon among fashionistas.


Alexander McQueen skull printed cotton shirt from Matchesfashion
Discount Price: about1540


Skull pattern still prevails and is given new connotation among emerging culture pursued by a minority of people and societies who valued ritual. These emerging cultures include Graffiti culture, rock culture and tattoo culture.

Skull has an antisocial meaning among original totems. That is why many rebellious, unordinary people and mavericks take the sign of skull as the symbol of identity. In 1960s and 1970s, motorcycle gangs added them into clothes and motorcycles. Since then, skull has been an indispensable factor of motorcycle-style clothes. The music like rock, heavy metal music and punk features catharsis, violence, counter-mainstream, antireligion and so on. Thus, people who like this kind of music are also fond of the sign of skull.

 Poster of Punisher

Skull motorcycle

In Europe, skull represents elite and the best as well. Therefore, some armies use the skull as a sign, such as the notorious Nazi’s SS Skull Division, who has committed most of the anti-people crimes, which accord with death represented by skull.


Loree Rodkin jewelry of Skull Series

Damien Hirst, whose work is among the most fashionable collections in art world, is famous as a skull lover. His work of diamond skull series is of great glamour. The platinum skull set with diamonds, taken by Hirst as the perfect expression of luxury aesthetics, become his mark. He makes his skull work charming and in return it makes him famous.


MMJ, Roar and Roen are three Japanese brands that features darkness, on whose clothes skull shapes are popular. Skull are also seen in fashion brand like NBHD. You may have heard of these brands. But then I am going to show you some other brands keen on skulls that you may not know.

Unfinished,  to be continued...

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