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Chinese Song Dynasty Ceramics Lucky Sheep > Lucky Sheep Accessory - (一)

Chinese Song Dynasty Ceramics Lucky Sheep > Lucky Sheep Accessory - (一) - IFAUN

Sheep are often seen as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

The shape of the sheep is also abstract and simple.

The goat is head-high, the limbs are strong and strong, and the abstraction is vivid.

Refine the lines of the Song Dynasty goats and join the modern and more minimalist modeling language.

Functionality is especially important, and products are not only limited to the beauty of the appearance, but also need to be combined with fashion and daily life.
1) As a business card holder (clip), the horn can hold more than 50 ordinary business cards.
2) The hidden magnet of the goatee part can absorb many small paper clips, small pushpins and other small metal tools commonly used in office.
3) Goat tail assembly metal fittings can be used as a bottle opener. The second generation of products has this feature.
4) The goat's horn can be equipped with a key ring and become a mascot to carry with you, bringing more good luck.

Computer simulation effect

The first proofing effect.
To be continued....

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