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Cool Piss Clock Piss | IFAUN

Cool Piss Clock

Piss Interesting Clock: In the middle of the dial is a deaf person. The dotted line representing the minute hand is the trajectory of his peeing. Different moments bring different...
Solar System Clock Solar System | IFAUN

Solar System Clock

The Solar System Clock vividly restores the connection between time and planet rotation. The little ball on the second hand represents the moon, the ball on the minute hand represents...
Cassette Playing Clock Cassette Playing | IFAUN

Cassette Playing Clock

Turn on the cassette player , retro music flowing from the rotating spools silently (the second hand be designed as the spools of the tape). Enjoy the song with your...
Cool Kungfu Clock Pure-golden-foil-edition | IFAUN

Cool Kungfu Clock

Kung Fu Clock is designed to relieve people's tension and release pressure when they pay attention to time. We want to show time is not that boring and ruthless.With the...